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Our Story

Our family immigrated to Canada in 1990 from Sopot, Poland's most famous sea resort. It is situated on the shores of the Baltic Sea between Gdansk and Gdynia, where amber was being found for thousands of years. Growing up not far from the beach, we would get to know Baltic amber in all forms possible - from raw pieces washed out from the sea that you can pick and keep in your treasure box, to pieces of amber decorating our utensils, frames, chess boards, vases, lamps, rosaries, crosses etc, to amber dust dissolved in alcohol and used as a remedy for colds, to unique jewellery that we wore for the beauty and protection and that tourists visiting our city would buy as a souvenir.

Where we lived in Poland every gift store is an amber store, one after another, one street after another and every one of them takes your breath away.

It was only natural that after moving to Kingston from Montreal, admiring waters of the Ontario Lake and the St Laurent River that reminded us of our sea back home, and seeing swarms of tourists from all over the world on Princess Street, that we decided to bring the beauty of our previous life to where we are now. 

We opened The Amber Room in 1997 and since then the store has specialized in beautiful and unique pieces of Baltic amber jewellery and gifts imported from Poland. We are located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Our retail location offers an exquisite collection of brooches, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces. All with best quality Baltic amber set in sterling sliver by European craftsmen.

At the Amber Room you will admire the beauty of this prehistoric 40 million year old fossil, electrically alive with solidified golden light.

Our gift section includes Lamp Shades made of amber or of a combination of amber and white glass, Trees of Good Luck made of amber and semi-precious stones, different styles of candles decorated with amber, candle stands with amber, paintings by Anna Wisniewski of Montreal and many more. We also offer a wide range of pieces of amber with insects inclusions. 

Please note:

Only selected items are available in our online store: www.amberroom.ca Please visit us frequently as we will be adding beautiful items to grow our selections.

Please visit our retail location in Kingston, Ontario, Canada for a full selection of our amber jewellery and unique gifts.